Yiasou Greek Festival

Yiasou Greek Festival

Are you a fan of all things Greek? Then this festival is definitely the place for you to be!

One of the biggest cultural events of Charlotte, the Yiasou Greek Festival is (as the name implies) a Greek-themed festival that offers multitudes of activities that cater to all sorts of tastes and ages. From shopping and dining, to kids’ rides and play areas, to classy parties and wine tastings, and much more, there’s nothing that this festival does not offer to visitors!

Held in the second week of September, the Yiasou Greek Festival features authentic cultural exhibits that portray the history and richness of the Greek culture. There are also several live performances that will enthrall visitors, including nationally-renowned Greek bands, dance performances and live re-enactments. There a lot for the shopper as well, from belly dancing skirts and Greek jewelry to beautiful mementos and souvenirs. The festival also features several high-end wine tasting sessions and cooking demos.

Contact Information:

Address: 600 East Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: (704) 334-4771

Website: https://yiasoufestival.org