Halcyon, Flavors from the Earth


If you are looking for the classiest possible restaurant to go to, you definitely should keep Halcyon on the top of your list. Located in the Mint Museum on the avenue of Levine Hearts in Uptown Charlotte, Halcyon is known for its seasonally-inspired and ever-changing menu.

This famous farm-to-table restaurant is known for its very classy interiors, and is an ideal place for a lot of occasions, from a quiet dinner to a family event. The dining room itself, for instance, has a chandelier of branches, a stone fountain, along with tables that have been made from the cross-sections of gigantic trees.

The menu has a rustic flair to it, and showcases cheese makers, wineries and artisanal farms – all from the local area. Influenced by the lead chef James Stouffer’s rustic style, several of these ingredients have a homemade touch to it, such as wild boar and cured duck, among others.

Though hard to predict, the menu does have some staples such as duck egg ravioli, bleu cheese soufflé, mushroom tarts. Some items have gained quite the celebrity status, such as Fried Oysters and Braised Bison.

Do try their specialty cocktail that is infused with moonshine. We didn’t tell you that though!

Contact Information:

Address: 500 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: 704.910.0865

Website: https://www.halcyonflavors.com