The Unknown Brewing Co.


First things first, there’s absolutely nothing unknown about this brewery. Except the fact that they always seem to handle everything with a smile. Opened by Brad Shell in November 2013, this is one place that you are bound to never forget.

Perhaps the best thing about Unknown Brewing Co. is the fact that it can – and does – take many by surprise. So if you walked in looking for the same old reclaimed lumber, you would be surprised to see the Hunter S. Thompson quote on the wall and the neon-green-flooring.

Shell, who has had an impressive career brewing with bacon, Sriracha, cream cheese, and 99 scorpions, offers a core lineup of a IPA, wheat, and pale ale, which may seem uninteresting, but is definitely is worth a try. Don’t forget to try out the three signature craft beers here: Ginger Wheat, Over the Edge American IPA, and Pre Game session ale .

Special Mention: The Motto – “step into the Unknown.”

Contact Information:

Address: 1327 S. Mint St., Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: 980-237-2628