Small City Farms

Small City Farms

If you’re among the many who are looking to explore the trending urban farming sector, you must give Small City Farm a try. Located within the main city of Charlotte, Small City farm sits in the middle of a quiet neighborhood that lies eight miles from Uptown Charlotte, six-and-a-half miles from Downtown Charlotte and four miles from South Park.

The farm is quite literally small (it is only 3 acres in size, and due to its location, looks more like a residential lot than a farm from the outside. That said, it is a very functional farm, and its produce are used in several farm-to-fork restaurants in Charlotte and nearby areas. Operated by Kim Shaw, a marketer-turned-urban farmer, the farm’s impressive produce consists of several varieties of herbs, cut flowers, vegetables, and fruits. They also have a small stock of laying hens that are affectionately called “The Chicken Nation.”

The most unique thing about Small City Farm is the fact that it neither appears nor functions like any other farm would, despite facing the same type of challenges. For starters, there is no retail from the farm itself. With the farm itself, Kim uses several methods that are more suited to the smaller size – for instance, she uses raised beds over row cropping and tillers over tractors. Last but not the least, the produce from the farm are transported in the owner’s Mini Cooper, rather than a pick-up truck.

Contact Information:

Address: 1401 Auten Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216, USA

Phone: 704-962-1025