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If there is a single plumbing component that property owners are ensured to utilize numerous times over the course of the day, then it would certainly be the toilet. The toilet is among the main components in any restroom, and the effectiveness of your house’s plumbing structure depends on the state of your toilet.

In spite of the truth that toilets play such an important function in life, property owners frequently provide little mind to their toilet till the component starts to seriously malfunction. Changing your toilet prior to its break down entirely can assist you to decrease the expense of replacement by removing the prospective water harm a stopping working toilet may trigger.

Utilize these 4 aspects as a guide when attempting to figure out if it’s time to consider a professional plumber for toilet repair or replacement.

1. Maturity

You ought to think about the age of your toilet when figuring out if the component requires to be changed. More mature toilets are most likely to malfunction as the valves and seals weaken. A much older toilet might likewise be costing you a considerable quantity of cash monthly.

Toilets that were developed prior to 1992 might consume to 8 gallons of water for every flush. When you compare that with the 1.6 gallons per flush utilized by contemporary toilets, it’s simple to see how an aging toilet can actually increase the expense of your water. Consider replacing your old toilet with a more recent, more energy-efficient design.

2. Housing

Toilets are made from porcelain. This is generally a long lasting product, there is constantly the capacity that your toilet’s porcelain bowl or tank might split. Even subtle fractures can result in severe water reduction and skeletal damage.

You can quickly examine to see if your toilet is broken by performing a comprehensive plumbing evaluation each time you clean up the component. If you discover any water pooling around the base of the toilet, this water might be originating from a dripping tank or bowl.

To see if the storage tank is split, put a couple splashes of food pigmentation into the water within the tank. If the water pooling around the base of your toilet is tinted with the exact same color, you tank. If the water is clear, the fracture is more than likely in your toilet’s bowl.

Changing a broken toilet will assist you prevent water damage and avoid water waste in the future.

3. Efficiency

It is very important that you monitor the variety of times your toilet requires to be fixed throughout the year. If your toilet regularly obstructs or you require to employ a plumbing contractor in Charleston SC regularly to attend to leakages, then changing the toilet may be a more economical alternative.

A brand-new toilet (both the component itself and expert setup) will cost you anywhere from $218 to $522. When you compare this one-time expense with the expense of several home calls by an expert plumbing technician, you can see how changing a stopping working toilet can conserve you loan in the long run.

4. Peace of mind

Convenience may not be the very first thing that enters your mind when you consider resting on your toilet. Given that the toilet gets utilized on a day-to-day basis, the component needs to offer a comfy seat.

Extended toilet bowls deal more space for bigger or taller people. These extended bowls can likewise help in reducing smells and can be simpler to tidy than their round equivalents, making them more comfy in a wide range of methods. If you have a toilet with a round bowl in your restroom, then increase your convenience level by changing to a toilet with a lengthened bowl.

If you are thinking of changing your toilet, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing or view their website at We can assist you select the toilet that will be finest fit to satisfy your requirements and set up the component rapidly to keep your restroom practical.