Charlotte NC Art Galleries


Soco Gallery

If you love a classic, quaint setting, you must definitely consider visiting the SOCO Gallery. Located in 1920s bungalow in Charlotte’s iconic Myers Park, SOCO Gallery displays the work of both seasoned and emerging artists from all over the world.


The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture

If you would like to visit an art gallery that has a certain theme to it, then The Harvey B. Gantt Center should be the ideal place for you. Located right in the middle of the business district of Charlotte, the Harvey B. Gantt Center, which is one of the several institutions that form the Levine Center For the Arts, has its main theme as the celebration of African-American culture through all forms of art – dance, music, film, theater, and of course, visual art.


Shain Gallery

Another one of the “slightly-new/slightly-old” art galleries of Charlotte, the Shain Gallery is renowned for featuring a very diverse range of artists and genres. So if you’re someone whose taste is very diverse, you’ll find this place perfect. Established in 1998, the Shain Gallery is located in Myers Park and represents more than 50 different kinds of artists and their works. Believing in having “a little bit for everyone,” the gallery features a host of different things – from gentle floral designs, to landscapes and cityscapes and even abstract oil paintings.


Hidell Brooks Gallery

If you would like to visit an art gallery that’s meaningful yet not too macabre or serious, then you must consider paying the Hidell Brooks Gallery a visit. Opened in 1998, the Hidell Brooks Gallery features an interesting collection of exquisite sculptures and beautiful paintings of the contemporary kind.


LaCa Projects

If you’ve been looking for a brand new art gallery with brand new collections, this is just the place for you. Launched in as recent as March 2013, the Latin American Contemporary Art Projects Gallery (LaCa Gallery in short) is a one-of-a-kind initiative that features a unique type of art in its aim to start a whole new trend altogether.