Food & Beverage

Food and drinks in Charlotte means a fun time for everyone involved as there are a long list of choices when it comes time to head out on the town. There is a unique approach taken within the city of Charlotte that provides a unique atmosphere and truly makes for an enjoyable experience.

Charlotte Breweries
A map of the city can point you in the direction of many great local breweries. The lower south end, Noda and the south end are rich in breweries as there are an abundance of choices for quality beers and good eats. Original brewing recipes appeal to the avid connoisseur as well as those who are looking for a different kind of outing. Charlotte is home to Belgian-inspired breweries, family-owned establishments and comfortable atmospheres that are complemented by a large selection of original beers. No matter what kind of brew you favor, selection is available in great abundance. A trip to any one of Charlotte’s breweries makes for an enjoyable experience that is part of an exciting Charlotte scene.

Farm to Table
Farm to table is becoming more than just a trend, but the new norm in Charlotte restaurants. Going out no longer means you have to sacrifice freshness as many of these food selections will show top quality in taste. Many of the products used are locally grown which helps strengthen the community. Organic farming also provides more nutrients and is a healthier alternative.
Some restaurants throughout Charlotte are utilizing their own gardens to provide a fresh taste with natural products that truly make a difference. Consumers have a wealth of options to choose from when taking advantage of all the farm to table food options in Charlotte.

Community Counts
Among all the breweries and farm to table restaurants in Charlotte, there is a sense of community. Local products supply these establishments and the overall concept puts money right back into the local economy. Part of the reason Charlotte has continued to evolve into one of the top American cities is due to all of the community support. Going out for food and drink in Charlotte is also an investment in the community. Many of the proprietors are also home grown and part of the city’s fabric. Charlotte’s various neighborhoods have created a unique setting where a unique atmosphere comes with a sense of community.