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Charlotte NC Art Museums

Foundation For The Carolinas

Though not exactly an art museum in the strictest sense of the word, the Foundation for the Carolinas, with its very large art collection and good intentions more than qualifies for one. Founded in 1958, Foundation for the Carolinas is one of the premier organizations that has been working for the good of the people of the Southeast. Dedicated to strengthening communities, the Foundation works closely with several leading civic leaders, corporations, donors and non-profits for pursuing inspiring philanthropic endeavors.

Levine Museum of The New South

Interested in something that offers “art” and “civil war” in one sentence? If your answer is yes, head to the Levine museum of the New South! One of the most well-known and often-visited museums of the Southeast, the Levine museum of the New South has its theme in showcasing the history and legacy of the “New South,” i.e. the time, places and people from 1865 till date – from the good to the bad and everything in-between.

Mccoll Center For Art + Innovation

If you’re looking for an art museum that goes much more beyond simply featuring collections, the McColl Center for Art + Innovation is the place for you to be. One of the best homes for contemporary art in the Queen City and beyond, the McColl Center for Art + Innovation  is a one-of-a-kind contemporary art center that aims to foster a better relation between art, artists and the wider community that it thrives in.

Mint Museum

Not only is the Mint Museum North Carolina’s oldest museum, it is also one that features the largest collection in Southeastern US. A very popular not-for-profit, visual arts institution, the Mint museum features a very wide range of art from all over the world in a series of innovative collections. Located in two places – Mint Museum Randolph and Mint Museum Uptown, the Mint Museum is known for its inspiring ambience, never-seen-before exhibitions, ground-breaking educational programs, and generous scholarships.

Bechtler Museum Of Modern Art

If you’re looking for a museum that features the best of the classics as well as the modern, you should put the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art on top of your list. Located in Center City, the museum is housed in a terra-cotta-tiled building that has been designed by the famous architect Mario Botta, and makes for some of the Queen City’s most inspiring structures.