Ross Perennial Plant Farm


If you’re looking for a farm that’s a little set apart from the rest, you should definitely give Ross Farms a try. Located in the Queen City itself, Ross Farms is a perennial nursery that specializes in growing high-quality flowering plants. While they do not (and in fact cannot) grow hard-core gardening plants, they do have a very wide collection of perennials, which in fact make up 99% of everything they produce.

Ross Garden has perennials for all sorts of gardens, tastes and varieties. In addition to growing classic perennials such as hosta, phlox, peony and veronica, among others, they offer special perennials that specifically attract certain animals and insects, such as finch and honey bees. They also offer ornamental and designer plants, as well as groundcovers for decorative purposes. Ross Farms grows several hard-to-find varieties of plants as well.

No matter what sort of perennial you’ve been looking for, there’s every chance you will find it here.

Contact Information:

Address: 9424 Community House Road, Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: (704) 543-6388