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Stoke Charlotte

If you value something that is warm, safe, and friendly, and also has a bit of a rustic feel added to it, you must give Stoke Charlotte a try. Located at the Marriott City Center, the place gives all the vibe of your local neighborhood eatery, but with an added level of efficiency – forming a formidable combination. The makers of the restaurant believed that the kitchen is a special place – it’s where the party really starts and where people really interact and get close – and proceeded to infuse this quality in their creation by creating an ambience that combines the efficiency of a restaurant with the warmth and safety of neighborhood gatherings.

Led by Executive Chef Chris Coleman, who was born in brought up in the city’s Mountain Island Lake community, the restaurant has all the items you could expect at your neighborhood dine, and more. From the classic mac-and-cheese and brussels sprouts to special Parfaits, and with separate menus for everyday brunches and dinners, Stoke Charlotte has a wide variety of offerings – the ingredients for which are all sourced from local farmers.

All in all, it is the ideal place to be to get-together with your close-knit community of family and friends and enjoy the laid-back vibe.

Contact Information:

Address: Marriott City Center | 100 W Trade St, Charlotte, Nc 28202

Phone: 704-353-6005


Dogwood Southern Table & Bar

Want to experience authentic Southern cuisine with a modern twist in warm, friendly settings? Then head over to Dogwood Southern Table & Bar!

A modern restaurant with a familiar feel, Dogwood is ideal for all kinds of audiences, but especially suited to families, who will enjoy the friendliness and familiarity. True to its theme, the restaurant celebrates the culinary traditions of the South, but with a contemporary perspective that is all of its own. Led by Executive Chef Scott Hollingsworth, it has an authentic Southern menu with all the items you could possible expect (think smoked barbecue, pimento cheese, oysters on the half shell, and of course the North Carolina shrimp). Dogwood also boasts one of the best wine menus in all of Charlotte, and regularly hosts beer and cocktail programs that promote classic drinks with a modern twist, along with some of the best in-house mixers.

The restaurant boats rich Southern ambience; designed by famed designer Tim Demmit, Dogwood has all the classic features like reclaimed wood accents, fireplaces, imposing brick walls, and of course, the open kitchen. What really sets them apart, however, is the fact that they are big believers of sustainability – and source everything – from food to decor to art and even most equipment locally. They highlight and feature their local sources and ensure that their audience knows everyone who has helped create the Dogwood Southern experience.

Contact Information:

Address: 4905 Ashley Park Ln, Charlotte, NC 28210

Phone: 704-910-4919


The Fig Tree Restaurant

If you are a fan of history and cannot stop from the obsessing over the vintage, the Fig Tree Restaurant is the ideal place for you. Located in Charlotte’s Elizabeth neighborhood, the famed, upscale restaurant sits pretty inside the 1913 craftsman-style bungalow called the Lucas House and is named in honor of the four majestic brown Turkey fig trees that stand on its grounds.

Ideal for those looking for a high-end upscale experience (in terms of both cuisine and ambience), the restaurant is ideal for those looking for a more personal and intimate experience. The menu is rich, with exclusive items that have been cooked in the most traditional style. There is also a full-service bar, with some of the best and most perfectly paired wines that enhance the dinner experience to a whole new level.

Ambience-wise, the Fig Tree Restaurant is truly unique – and boasts a rare combination of rich vintages than no other place can provide. The place has aesthetically pleasing features, from its five massive dining rooms and veranda and patio seating arrangements, to the grand fireplaces that are a symbol of the era to which the building’s origin belongs.

The place also boasts a location unlike any – not only is the building itself a Pre-World War I one, it is located across Independence Park (one of Charlotte’s first public parks) and is only minutes away from the iconic City Center.

Contact Information:

Address: 1601 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: 704-332-3322



Want to experience classy dining in an upscale restaurant that also offers farm fresh food? Head over to The Asbury! Located in Uptown Charlotte’s iconic Dunhill Hotel, The Asbury specializes in serving staple Southern dishes with a twist to it, and truly does make its style work!

An Upscale, modern southern restaurant, The Asbury has a seasonally rotating menu that offers “Carolina faves with a modern twist” dishes such as Shrimp and Grits with Miso and Cast Iron Biscuits served with bacon jam (made using Executive Chef Chris Coleman’s grandmother’s recipe), alongside classic southern dishes such as fried green tomatoes and NC seafood boil. They also have a great brunch menu that needs to be seen (or rather, eaten) to be believed.

The ambience too is great. Don’t let the light gray walls fool you – this is a very upscale place that will give you that warm, familiar feeling, even if you’ve visited for the first time. They have a great outdoors section too, and you can opt between sitting inside and sitting out on the patio.

A little tip: Do try their deviled eggs and Maw Maw’s cast iron biscuits. And the cocktails. After all, they’re being served by Pete Ladino, who is basically a local hero in this department.

Contact Information:

Address: 235 North Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: 704-342-1193



If you value something simple yet impactful, then you should definitely give Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen a try. Located in uptown Charlotte, practically everything about the place says that it’s simple and refined – a combination that is rare to find. The ambience is definitely a visual treat, with its candlelight-illuminated bars, and worn-wood booths and tables. Famous for its wood-fired grill, Rooster’s menu changes with every season, and feature classic, no-nonsense, farm-to-table delicacies. Though chicken is the main highlight of this place, they do offer other mains such as steak, pork chop and duck. They also offer a wide range of sides, from fire roasted beets and succotash to buttery-steamed spinach. They even have a great cheese board that can never disappoint.

All in all, this is the best place for a get-together with family and friends.

Contact Information:

Address: 150 N College St,  Charlotte, NC  28202

Phone: 704.370.7667



If you want to go dine in an environment that “feels like home,” then Kindred Restaurant is just the place for you. Owned by the husband-and-wife-duo Joe and Katy Kindred, the restaurant is in their own words, “A family in a restaurant.” Located in the very historic Davidson, NC, the chef-driven, family-owned restaurant loves its town, and most certainly does not fail to show it.

Taking a modern take on authentic Southern cuisine, this chic restaurant sources all its ingredients locally, changes the menus every season, believes in serving smaller portions and shows great presentation.

You definitely cannot leave this place without trying duck fat potatoes, the home-made milk break, as well as the crispy oysters. You can even order each of them and share them with your entire table.

Contact Information:

Address: 131 N Main St, Davidson, North Carolina  28036

Phone: (980) 231-5000



If you want to taste the best of farm fresh, southern food, Heritage is the place you should head to. Started and owned by Chef Paul Verica (who has previously worked with heavyweights like Bernard Louisseau and Alain Passard), Heritage Food and Drinks is located in Waxhaw, NC.

Known for its own unique style and food with a touch of the Southern, Heritage believes not just in sourcing materials from the local farms, but developing a good relation with the farmers.

The menu changes seasonally, and includes several great-tasting and innovative items. In particular, the daily deviled egg special made by the lead chef’s son and the Sunday brunch consisting of Southern Eggs Benedict and the “Hangover Helper” (which features pimento cheese, toast, pulled pork, fried green tomatoes, and onions.

Contact Information:

Address: 201 West South Main Street, Waxhaw, NC 28173, USA

Phone: (704) 843 – 5236



If you are looking for the classiest possible restaurant to go to, you definitely should keep Halcyon on the top of your list. Located in the Mint Museum on the avenue of Levine Hearts in Uptown Charlotte, Halcyon is known for its seasonally-inspired and ever-changing menu.

This famous farm-to-table restaurant is known for its very classy interiors, and is an ideal place for a lot of occasions, from a quiet dinner to a family event. The dining room itself, for instance, has a chandelier of branches, a stone fountain, along with tables that have been made from the cross-sections of gigantic trees.

The menu has a rustic flair to it, and showcases cheese makers, wineries and artisanal farms – all from the local area. Influenced by the lead chef James Stouffer’s rustic style, several of these ingredients have a homemade touch to it, such as wild boar and cured duck, among others.

Though hard to predict, the menu does have some staples such as duck egg ravioli, bleu cheese soufflé, mushroom tarts. Some items have gained quite the celebrity status, such as Fried Oysters and Braised Bison.

Do try their specialty cocktail that is infused with moonshine. We didn’t tell you that though!

Contact Information:

Address: 500 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: 704.910.0865



One of the youngest farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte, Sea Level has managed to garner quite a lot of attention on itself not even two years into its operation. Located in the Hearst Tower in uptown Charlotte, Sea Level is the best example of the fact that appearance does matter (along with quality of course!), with its fabulous presentation and quirky details (such as free parking).

As the name itself implies, Sea Level specializes in serving farm-to-table seafood. No matter how far they go to get their materials, they always make sure to bring their ingredients directly from their farms, be it Charleston or Cape Cod. Sea Level is perhaps most-known for its craft cocktails and farm-to-table oysters, as well is its famous oyster bar on the patio. That said, it is also known for its other offerings.

With a menu that changes every day, Sea Level offers some of the best fish-dishes in the Queen City. Their menu is not limited to seafood, however, as they also serve other items such as the sandwich ‘Burgers for the land lovers’ and ‘Catfish Reuben and a lobster roll,” among others. You can even try their ‘Oyster Shooter’ if you feel up to it.

Contact Information:

Address: 129 East 5th St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: (704) 412-2616



Are you looking to try some tasty-yet-healthy food and trying to find something new? In that case, you should definitely consider dining at FORK! Started in 2013, FORK! is located in Cornelius, and is owned by chef Tim Groody, who has finally started his own place after spending more than two decades working for other restaurant owners.

Located in a historic property, FORK! offers fresh and contemporary food in an upscale, vintage ambience. Following a strict policy that prohibits any artificial and imported food source, anything and everything that FORK! serves is 100% locally-sourced – meat, produce, herbs and all. Aside from seasonal dishes and sides, they offer staples such as coastal flounder, beef brisket, home-made mozzarella in a menu that changes every day.

Here’s a tip on getting the best out of this place: Do try sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying the scenery on the wrap-around porch. It’s one experience you will certainly never forget.

Contact Information:

Address: 20517 N Main St, Cornelius, NC 28031

Phone: (704) 655-7465