Shain Gallery

Shain Gallery

Another one of the “slightly-new/slightly-old” art galleries of Charlotte, the Shain Gallery is renowned for featuring a very diverse range of artists and genres. So if you’re someone whose taste is very diverse, you’ll find this place perfect. Established in 1998, the Shain Gallery is located in Myers Park and represents more than 50 different kinds of artists and their works. Believing in having “a little bit for everyone,” the gallery features a host of different things – from gentle floral designs, to landscapes and cityscapes and even abstract oil paintings.

They even make sure to have a local representation, currently featuring the works of Trip and Laura Park – a pair of artists who also happen to be a married couple! Shain Gallery also hosts solo shows by artists such as Carol Bodiford, Dennis Campay, and Andy Braitman, among others.

Contact Information:

Address: 2823 Selwyn Avenue Charlotte, NC 28209

Phone: 704.334.7744