Are you looking to try some tasty-yet-healthy food and trying to find something new? In that case, you should definitely consider dining at FORK! Started in 2013, FORK! is located in Cornelius, and is owned by chef Tim Groody, who has finally started his own place after spending more than two decades working for other restaurant owners.

Located in a historic property, FORK! offers fresh and contemporary food in an upscale, vintage ambience. Following a strict policy that prohibits any artificial and imported food source, anything and everything that FORK! serves is 100% locally-sourced – meat, produce, herbs and all. Aside from seasonal dishes and sides, they offer staples such as coastal flounder, beef brisket, home-made mozzarella in a menu that changes every day.

Here’s a tip on getting the best out of this place: Do try sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying the scenery on the wrap-around porch. It’s one experience you will certainly never forget.

Contact Information:

Address: 20517 N Main St, Cornelius, NC 28031

Phone: (704) 655-7465