Hodges Family Farm

Hodges Family Farm

If you’re looking for a classic, traditional farm experience where you can truly enjoy with your family, then the Hodges Family Farm is the place to be. Located in Charlotte’s Mecklenburg County, the family-owned and operated farm is one of the biggest in the Queen City since the establishment of the Hodges House in 1908.

Spread across a massive 187-acre tract of farmland, the farm used to grow cotton and was used as a dairy farm. None of those activities are now pursued however, and the farm is now used as an educational one. That said, they still grow minor crops and have a thriving livestock-raising system.

The farm itself is a visual treat that showcases remnants of the elements of the era in which it originates. The Hodges House sits at the center of the farm – right between a large set of several agricultural structures, both contributing as well as noncontributing.

The Hodges Family Farm remains a private one throughout the year – however it does host some events that are public and free to attend. Activities include spring festivals (filled with activities like blowing bubbles and egg hunts), fruit-picking (the farm held its first ever strawberry-picking event in 2018), and of course the Annual Pumpkin Patch.

Contact Information:

Address: 3900 Rocky River Rd E, Charlotte, NC 28215, USA

Phone: 704-608-8897

Website: http://hodgesfarmnc.com