Stoke Charlotte

Stoke Charlotte

If you value something that is warm, safe, and friendly, and also has a bit of a rustic feel added to it, you must give Stoke Charlotte a try. Located at the Marriott City Center, the place gives all the vibe of your local neighborhood eatery, but with an added level of efficiency – forming a formidable combination. The makers of the restaurant believed that the kitchen is a special place – it’s where the party really starts and where people really interact and get close – and proceeded to infuse this quality in their creation by creating an ambience that combines the efficiency of a restaurant with the warmth and safety of neighborhood gatherings.

Led by Executive Chef Chris Coleman, who was born in brought up in the city’s Mountain Island Lake community, the restaurant has all the items you could expect at your neighborhood dine, and more. From the classic mac-and-cheese and brussels sprouts to special Parfaits, and with separate menus for everyday brunches and dinners, Stoke Charlotte has a wide variety of offerings – the ingredients for which are all sourced from local farmers.

All in all, it is the ideal place to be to get-together with your close-knit community of family and friends and enjoy the laid-back vibe.

Contact Information:

Address: Marriott City Center | 100 W Trade St, Charlotte, Nc 28202

Phone: 704-353-6005