The Fig Tree Restaurant

The Fig Tree Restaurant

If you are a fan of history and cannot stop from the obsessing over the vintage, the Fig Tree Restaurant is the ideal place for you. Located in Charlotte’s Elizabeth neighborhood, the famed, upscale restaurant sits pretty inside the 1913 craftsman-style bungalow called the Lucas House and is named in honor of the four majestic brown Turkey fig trees that stand on its grounds.

Ideal for those looking for a high-end upscale experience (in terms of both cuisine and ambience), the restaurant is ideal for those looking for a more personal and intimate experience. The menu is rich, with exclusive items that have been cooked in the most traditional style. There is also a full-service bar, with some of the best and most perfectly paired wines that enhance the dinner experience to a whole new level.

Ambience-wise, the Fig Tree Restaurant is truly unique – and boasts a rare combination of rich vintages than no other place can provide. The place has aesthetically pleasing features, from its five massive dining rooms and veranda and patio seating arrangements, to the grand fireplaces that are a symbol of the era to which the building’s origin belongs.

The place also boasts a location unlike any – not only is the building itself a Pre-World War I one, it is located across Independence Park (one of Charlotte’s first public parks) and is only minutes away from the iconic City Center.

Contact Information:

Address: 1601 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: 704-332-3322